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Basic information

Shift calendar on this site to create a calendar shift for any shift of any working tour.

Shift, you can select the menu shifts, where for ease of reference categorized into groups. For each work session displays a visual diagram of how to go each shift for themselves and expand the various shifts for this group. For each shift indicates what has just at this current moment.

Also available is a comprehensive overview of all current shifts.

It is also prepared guide, where you enter basic information about finding pattern, and the next step very easily refine. The database included many different shifts of which will be searchable.

If you want work shift was very atypical and would not be found, nothing is lost - you can create your own tour. In this case, you must specify exactly how each shift for each follow.

Advanced Settings

Calendar offers even more options. For example, it can be shown for any year (with only one limit - the validity of the Gregorian calendar). You can also tune the appearance of your calendar, ie. color scheme. The selection is from nineteen predefined, but you can mix any color, and a very simple way. Other options just in short: Whether you want to display the name day, how to mark the shift and what the arrangement is satisfactory months for your monitor.

I did not forget to optimize for small mobile phones and minor adjustments for printer.

And even more

Other options are only for registered users. For a simple reason: Would not it be nice not practical, if anyone could make any other modifications and changes. So what is it about? Custom display name and image, specify a public holiday work, set work hours - for processing total hours worked and wages (but without tax calculation - the U.S. tax system, I do not know), the entire batch rename and individual shifts (after all, all are named differently), custom menu for the shift. Also, you can make exceptions in the pattern, Thus the individual specific changes, holidays, assign short notes and icons, etc. I have to attribute comments pointed out - it all yet, because on Smenar still working and trying to improve it.

Registration is absolutely free. The link to the registration form will only appear after you view your shifts (no matter whether you choose, find or mix).

It is advisable to read license conditions, attending to the extent that the use of the server.

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